Design of Eco Friendly Shallow Draft Fishing Vessel

Sunardi Sunardi, Anthon Efani, Oktiyas Muzakky Luthfi


One of the main problem of inland waterways fisheries is the transportation of fish from ponds to fish market during low tide trough inland waterways with 0.6m water depth.The boat is experiences grounding due to water depth of the river is not sufficient for the fishing boat to carry fish at it’s maximum2 tones capacity or experience dead freight . This condition forces fisherman to wait until the high tide from the sea, this delay causes the quality of the fish is decreasing.Besides the problem dead freight  problem the existing vessel is causes environmental problem such as erosion of the river bank due to wake wash. The other important issue is the increases of fuel price and it’s scarcity.  This paper presents the results of comparison of existing monohull fishing boat and two other alternativecatamaran designs. The catamaran design alternatives are is ordinary catamaran and flat side catamaran.  Both of the catamaran fishing boat design shows that the catamaran boat with 0.5m draft is able to carry more than 2 tonnes payload during low tide water depth.  The CFD simulation results shows that flat side catamaran resistance is more than 17.7% lower compared to ordinary catamaran and 44% lower compared to monohull. It means that the consumption of flat side catamaran is lowest compared to two other type of hull design. The flat side catamaran also produces lowest wake wash compared to o two other design. The low wake wash means more friendly to environment.


Monohull; Flat Side Catamaran; Resistance; Wake Wash; Environment

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