poultry in indonesia

Break up to nurture chickens. Now the turnover exceeds RP200 million in the week. Bambang Hermanto is doing his chickens since college.

Home of almost 150 M2 stood firmly near the city center of Boyolali Regency, Central Java. A slender man with thick hair comb neatly welcomes at the doorstep and welcomes Trubus in. "Sorry it's still a mess, I just moved 3 days ago," he said. The man, Bambang Hermanto is in the production of chicken, a day old Chicken (DOC), Super Kampung Ayam aka Jowo Super (Joper). Chicken joper results in Bangkok Stud chicken with a female egg laying. Joper acronym of Super Java.

Every week he was able to produce 72,000 DOC. The 31-year-old teenager made use of a total of 3 tebags of 180,000 eggs — 1 machine in the manufacturing stage. According to Bambang dan almost Rp223 million every week. Bambang used only half the engine capacity. The rest is to serve the hatchery service at a cost of Rp800 per DOC hatch. The 60,000 egg Hatchery service resulted in a 36,000 DOC with a 60% hatchery success rate.

Chiken Farming with Efficient

Bambang said the egg Hatchery Service provides an additional turnover of rp28, 8 million per week. In fact, if Bambang used all the machines themselves, the turnover Pekanannya jumped to Rp388 million. Instead of stopping serving the hatchery service, Bambang chose a "tough step" by increasing the number of eggs hatch machines from 2 to 3 engines. Father of the 2 children gave an overview, the price of a factory-made hatch machine unit ranged from Rp800 million — Rp900 million.

Female laying in the battery cage.

Breeder who was in a chicken hatchery since 2012 was able to design a self-sustaining hatch machine 60 — 65%. Although the capacity of the machine is designed only two-thirds of factory-made, the cost of manufacturing is not up to RP100 million. A total of 35 workersensure the smooth production. The second of the three siblings kept 4,000 females in 3 battery cages and 200 males in the area of 3,000 m2 in Mojosongo subdistrict, Boyolali district.

While starting to keep the village chickens as a sideline in the middle of the lecture, he did not think would be a big breeder like now. Together with 2 friends — all from outside the island of Java — Bambang maintains a kampung chicken in a cage with a capacity of 300 tails in a rented yard. Over time, friends who became business associates changed their minds while increasing sales demanded more attention. Feeling both colleagues were no longer in thought, Bambang returned the capital of his two friends and handled his own maintenance and sales.

Engine setters own design costs much cheaper.

Bambang moved the contract on 2011 then began the enlargement of the village chickens in the new contract. He used the salary as a shopkeeper — working sideline — as a business capital of chicken. During the lack of capital, he often mortgaged a laptop to be redeemed again after the buyer paid. At that time chicken joper was ridiculed by local chicken traders. "They considered the strange chicken joper," he said.

Bambang is in a hurry because sure chicken joper is the answer to the difficulty of chicken supply village. He stated, the restaurant that serves chicken Kampung almost always difficult to get supplies. Bambang's belief proved. Farmers in various cities in Java gradually switched to maintain the chicken joper after experiencing the excellence of Bangkok Stud crosses with the laying females. Bambang implements artificial insemination (IB) to maintain quality. The technique ensures that each egg is wrapped.

Bambang Hermanto's journey to the present point is quite long. It learns many things like the design of virtual pages, the construction of Tetas machines, cage construction, or artificial insemination techniques. The road that he had to travel is still long. "As much as any material we have, it is useless that we do not mean to others," he said. Never hesitate to help others become one of the keys to success

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