Post Thawing Sperm Quality and Ca+2 Intensity Characters of Local Goat Sperm After Freezing by Simple Method Using Deep Freezing

Gatot Ciptadi, Muhammad Nur Ihsan, Sri Rahayu, Sri Wahjuningsih, Anis Mei Munazaroh, R. P. Putra


The objective of this research was to determine the effect of the simple modified freezing method, 1°C/minute freezing rate with different diluter ration on a post-thawing quality of local goat sperm namely Peranakan Etawah (PE). This work is aimed to study the quality of post-thawing sperm and to characterize the calcium intensity profile of both fresh and post thawing goat sperm. The method used is the experimental design of a laboratory. Freezing semen was performed in 2 main temperatures of -45°C then -196°C respectively using Mr. Frosty (®) System. Early Sperm characters of Ca+2 intensity was performed by Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope (CLSM) through Fluo-3 staining and Ca++ intensity was analysis descriptively. The result showed that post-thawing qualities are considered as good as standard qualities, at least, more than 40% based on Indonesian National Standard (SNI, 2014). The different level diluents commercial of Andromeda used were influenced highly significant (P<0.01). The best diluents ration is 1:4 (v/v) for final sperms stocked at -196°C. However freezing sperm conserved in -196°C is better than in -45°C. Meanwhile, the sperm characters of two condition showed the important variation of Ca+2 intensity, with the length of region measurement of 39.06±4.595 and 32.696±9.011 µm each.  It was concluded that the calcium intensity pattern was varied more and higher in fresh sperm than in freezing sperms. This simple modified method of a freezing system was considered as a feasible alternative method for goat semen in a reason for both for sperm post-thawing quality and practical purposes.


Sperm; Local goat; Viability; Calcium Intensity; Artificial Insemination (AI)

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